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TKG-NEO Swedish Stainless

main TKG-NEO Swedish Stainless

TKG is one of the excellent and popular brand for professional use by Endo, one of the excellent kitchen knife manufacturers in Niigata, Japan.

This TKG-NEO is one of the semi-high class knife series with stainless handles, and whose blade never compromise with the sharpness as TKG does the other series.
The all stainless Japanese knives are made with an inner core of Swedish high carbon stainless steel supported by a layer of softer stainless for an exceptionally sharp and smooth cutting experience.
The edge is finished single-edge shape, which we cannot do on multi-layered knives. This makes the cutting efficiency better in heavy use for your work.

Moisture-resistant grip is designed for long-time comfort and better control to resist slip with water or oil. Integrated handle of stainless steel with "Hand-fitting pattern" is quite sanitary, easy for sterilizing bacteria by hot water.

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